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We are sure that our service is a good one, our customer service prompt and courteous and that our software is not only of high quality, but will also be the type of software you use day in and day out. Of course, we believe that! We are the people behind this website, it is important that you believe in what you offer. However, because we understand you might want a second (and a third) opinion as well. That is why we asked some of our customers if we could use some of their feedback on the website. What you find here is a collection of real CDearth reviews from customers around the world.

“Thank you very much for your prompt respond and also resolving the matter. I appreciate the CDs and I must say the first set I received does wonders for me.” Bongi, South Africa

“Hi there and thanks for your speedy delivery of our four CD’s…We think your Software Library Club is a great idea and will certainly spread the word about your enterprise. Many thanks and Best of Luck to CDEarth.” Janice B, New Zealand

“Thank you very much for the excellent cd’s that I’ve had from you…I will continue to recommend you to my friends” John K, UK

“It’s refreshing to get a response so quickly. Unusual these days. I am finding your selection of software interesting and useful. I think I will ditch all the software I have accumulated over the years from PC magazines and other downloads from the internet and replace them with you selection. Thank you.” Brian W, New Zealand

“Your customer service is a breath of fresh air. :)” Judy L, OK

“Thank you. I appreciate your friendly and helpful service.  I will highly recommend your company and products to whoever may need any of your products. Thanking you again.” Daniels, Australia

“I do want to thank you for everything you have done to clear things up. I am very appreciative of your customer service and will make sure it is known in my community that you are a legit software provider that cares for their customers happiness. I am actually amazed with such a quick response and resolution!!” Nick, Parker, CO

After these CDearth reviews we hope one thing is clear, we aim to combine quality service and quality software. Even if we make a mistake or something is not as you would expect it to be, our customer service is going to try to make things right to make sure you are happy with ordering from us. The best advertising for our business are not banner ads, or emails that suggest how amazing a deal is; the best for us is word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. If you give us a chance to show you, we promise you will not regret it.

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  1. john.stefen says:

    aloha blogger found your blog via yahoo but it was hard to find Take care. Jay

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